Friday, June 16, 2006

Sick Transit

Watching the state funeral for Haughey it’s hard not to feel a little queasy. Here we have the state honouring someone who considered himself above the laws of the state. You can count the ways: there was the arms debacle; and bless my soul the offshore accounts; and ‘pon my word the phone tapping and to be sure the perjury before the Moriarty Tribunal.

I never bought into the myth of the lofty leader above all mundane considerations. He cheated, lied, hustled and threatened to gain power and to fund his grandiose life style. His arrogance and squireen posturings were risible. He was a Mussolini manqué, a pompous o’erweening power-crazed little man – and deserved a similar fate.

Shame they didn't use a gun carriage - the associations were too blatant I suppose.