Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reflections on 2010

When I look back on 2010 it won't be in anger. Forget the economy, forget the weather, how could a year in which Tipp won a wonderful All-Ireland Final be considered a disaster.

Here are my best moments;

1. The exquisite pass from Noel McGrath to Lar Corbett that led to Tipp's second goal in the All-Ireland Final.

2. The removal of that pompous red-faced windbag John O'Donoghue from his sinecure in the Dail.

3. A definitive production of Death of a Salesman in the Gate - a parable for our times.

4. A glorious Goodwood where I enjoyed five winning days in a row.

5. Finally getting to the Prado and seeing for myself why Velasquez outranks Goya.

6. Sarah Jane Morris at Ronnie Scotts.

7. Novel of the Year: Damon Galgut's In a Strange Room.

8. A visit to Sean McSweeney's studio in Sligo.

9. Peter Green in the Olympia.

10. The winning point by Lar Corbett against Galway in the All-Ireland quarter final.