Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lower Middlebrow

I mostly listen to Newstalk these days when I'm driving to and from work. There is however one exception to this. Whenever Orla Barry comes on in the morning I'm off to Lyric FM quicker than you can say Magic Flute. She is relentlessly lower middlebrow and petit bourgeois. I'm sure lace curtains figured in her upbringing - and there are far to many references to her mammy to be healthy.

Also, while I take as much interest in women's health problems as the next man, I occasionally like to think of other things.

This morning, being a bit slow on the button, she started a rant about an impending Michael Jackson concert. "how could anybody go to see him after he admitted to having boys in his bed" etc. As if there's a single star of any magnitude who's not behaved in a manner at variance with Barry's ethical standards.

She is also very badly informed for someone hosting a talk radio show, at least Aunty Marian Finucane has a breadth of general knowledge to call on. Also, she has Roisin Ingle on her show regularly - the banal leading the banal.