Tuesday, May 22, 2007

John Shinnors at the Taylor Gallery

Good strong show from one of our leading contemporary artists. The piece that stood out was English Garden Allotment - a large multi-faceted work on which the eye could disport itself endlessly. The large crane pieces were strong of composition and bold of colour but I have some reservations about the crane as a recurring motif. It lacks the mystery and aura of his regular motifs: scarecrows, lighthouses, and sinister dark birds. The same could be said of his washing line paintings - nice composition, shame about the mundane subject matter. But this is just me having a quibble - qua paintings they are mighty fine. There were also 2 little water colour triptychs of St. John's Cathedral that are attractive in a low-key way. Needless to say all sold.

Shinnors has also got 6 works showing currently in the John Martin Gallery in London. Four of these are little scarecrow heads and they surpass any of the smaller pieces in the Taylor show.

There was a poor enough turn out for the show - it clashed with a fashionable Scully show in the Kerlin (opened by Colm Toibin) and a large group show in the Graphic Studio Gallery. We repaired to the Shelbourne afterwards and then on to the Four Seasons where Shinnors was staying courtesy of a patron.