Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kingdom Come Again

Disappointing game eh. Just as inevitable as the Kilkenny Limerick game. What do Kerry and Kilkenny have in common? An untroubled path through their respective provinces year after year and no interest in promoting the GAA sport in which they don't excel. But having said all that, this is a vintage Kerry team and Cooper is a genuine great - he has that poise and grace under pressure that characterised Best and Maradona in their heydays. And Daragh O'Shea is the enforcer extraordinaire in mid-field. Nice to see a bunch of O'Sullivans in there with Declan well deserving his hour in the sun. I wonder how much Liam Hayes' jibes in the Sunday Tribune motivated them - O'Sullivan certainly alluded to them in his speech.

It's not hard to see them coming again next year, they're a young team and the opposition just isn't there at the moment: Tyrone and Armagh over the hill; Cork cowed; Dublin limited. Maybe Monaghan will gain inspiration from their efforts this year but it's more likely they have learned to fear the inevitability of Kerry's success.