Monday, April 21, 2008

Tipp Top

A harbinger, a harbinger. The last time Tipp won the National Hurling League (in 2001) they went on to win the All-Ireland. This was a very impressive performance for this time of the year. You could see the passion and engagement. Every time Eoin Kelly scored, he would turn and shake his fist in encouragement at his team mates – urging them on to even greater heights. Lar Corbett seems back to his best as well – scoring a goal of great poise. There wasn’t much in it but Tipp kept their cool when Galway got back into it and Butler’s point ensured the victory. Bring on Cork. And it was nice to see a more intense Tipperary manager. Liam Sheedy has that lean and hungry look. A stark contrast to his media-loving fat boy predecessor.