Monday, October 07, 2013

Tony O'Malley at Taylor Galleries

Tony O'Malley:  Bahamian Butterfly
The Tony O'Malley centenary show in Taylor Galleries is remarkable in many ways.  Primarily it is a celebration of the artist - with some of his finest work on display.  It ranges right across his career and there is a nice contrast between the bright Bahamian works downstairs and the dark brooding work from the mid-Sixties upstairs.

It's surprising that such a large number of these impressive works are for sale.  Where have they been hiding?   I suspect that O'Malley's widow Jane has been holding on to them as her pension fund.  Whatever the reason it's a great opportunity for someone with a few bob to get a classic O'Malley.  I'd be looking for one of the large dark pieces he did in St. Ives around 1965 - The Watching Windhover or Winter Hawk.

Make sure you get a catalogue when you visit the show.  There's a wonderfully perceptive essay by Brian Fallon who was a close friend of O'Malley.  It's particularly good on milieu and influences.

The show ends on the 9th of October - a lamentably short run for such a smashing exhibition. Catch it while you can.