Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Aunty Marian's Bloomers

Like any right-minded person I automatically change channels when the Marian Finucane Show comes on RTE Radio 1. Last Monday I was a bit lethargic and allowed myself to be ambushed again by her rancid mix of sanctimoniousness and banality.

Poor old Jim McDaid had just had his collar felt by our zealous Gardai for drunk driving. A there but for fortune situation for the average Irish male. Mind you he did compound the felony rather by attempting to drive up the Naas dual carriage-way in the wrong direction. That does get you noticed.

Anyway, how does the bould Marian treat this rather unhappy story? She parades McDaid's embittered ex-wife and allows her to launch into a tirade about what a sick little bastard he is - the veneer of concern not really concealing her relish at the opportunity to kick the man who wronged her while he is down.

She was preceded by what I thought initially was a comedy act, but in fact turned out to be the chairperson of a society called MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Suffice to say that it could have been a sketch in the old Halls Pictorial Weekly without a word being removed. Again poor old McDaid got a good kicking.

The odour of sanctity from the whole thing fair put me off my breakfast.