Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Aren't you just sick at the moral outrage of the Manchester United fans following the recent takeover by Malcolm Glazer. Had they not noticed that they were a global business, a brand rather than a local football club? Where did they think the money came from that allowed them to hoover up the best players from around the world? Buying success on the field just like Chelsea and Arsenal. Do they not remember when they were too busy to play in the FA cup because they had to chase the marketing opportunity afforded by some spurious international tournament?

They who live by the dollar may now perish by it. The debt the club will incur so that Glazer can complete his purchase will affect their buying power for the few years, so success may not come so easily. And this is already a team in decline.

It also goes to show that you fuck with Magnier and McManus at your peril. This is the Rock (of Gibralter) that Fergie will perish on.