Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sodomised by Sir Anthony's Serfs

Today's Sunday Independent has a feature on a little legal spat I'm having over a blog I published briedly on this site last December. I was interviewed over the phone (after a generous Joycean lunch in the Mansion House) by a carbuncular young journalist from the newspaper and gave him my general thoughts on this matter. The gist of these was that it seemed "much ado about nothing". Imagine my chagrin on seeing me quoted as saying that the relevant blog entry could be viewed as "tawdry innuendo". Now apart from the legal rashness of admitting anything that could be construed as "innuendo" - anyone who knows me knows that I would never admit to writing anything "tawdry". So what do I do now, sue the Indo for misquoting me. Perhaps I should sue tham also for publishing a godawful photograph of me looking up like St. Sebastian in the midst of martyrdom - shame on you Tony Galvin. Also, my friends in the IT industry will be well amused at its description of me as "a high-flying exec".

But in the end it's my own bloody fault for talking to them in the first place.