Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tipperary in Doldrums

Watching Tipperary struggle to put away a game but limited Limerick team last Sunday filled me with forboding for the summer ahead. They may come back and beat Limerick but they won't beat Cork or Waterford and ultimately wouldn't beat Kilkenny if it ever came to that. On a day when there was a minute's silence for the great Kieran Carey, it was evident that this team lacks both character and characters. Eoin Kelly was unfit and subdued - and, by the way, targeted for softening up by Limerick. Apart from him there is not a major figure on the team. No Jimmy Doyle, John Doyle, or Michael Maher; no Donie Nealon or Theo English; no Tony Wall, Jimmy Finn or Pat Stakelum. And definitely no Nicky English. There are flashes from John Carroll but he disappears for long periods. The once promising Philip Maher seems never to have recovered from his long-term injury. There are major problems in defence, especially at centre half back and the full-back line. And they are far too reliant on Kelly up front. It's going to be a long cold summer for Tipp fans.