Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bloomsday Idyll

Having a quiet Bloomsday pint with a friend in the sunshine outside Kehoes yesterday when an unkempt woman in her thirties approached us asking for money for milk. A new approach that but it didn't impress any of the four or five drinkers gathered. As she shuffled away she spat directly in the face of the man behind me and caused him to send his glass flying and smashing on the ground. She then ran across to the Orthodontics clinic directly opposite and proceeded to open and slam its door with extreme violence, all the while swearing loudly. The staff within wisely kept their distance. She then picked up a rock (what the hell was a rock doing on North Earl Street?) and hurled it at me and my innocent companions - luckily her aim was not true. At that stage a barman emerged from Kehoes and chased her off down Grafton Street.  We resumed our pints but a whit discombobulated - our Bloomsday idyll shattered.  Such anger and desperation - what can her story be.