Wednesday, August 03, 2016

I Do Like to Take Umbrage

I do like to take umbrage so maybe that's why I regularly turn on Newstalk in the early evening despite my antipathy towards George Hook: saloon-bar bore and tireless be-labourer of hobby-horses (refugees, Sinn Fein, abortion etc.). But now he's gone elsewhere, to a time slot where thankfully I shall never encounter him again and Newstalk has a nice, lightweight lad called Simon Delaney in his place. Perhaps he's a summer sub rather than the permanent new host - I don't know. Anyway things have not improved. This evening he had some financial type on called Jill Kerby. In the course of a discussion about a new phone banking initiative she opined that older folk only used their iPads and smart phones to access photos of their grandchildren and would never use them to access their banks - preferring more traditional methods. This is not just ageist, patronising, twaddle - it's also wrong. Maybe a recent birthday has made me more sensitive to these matters. Right, time for a gin and tonic.