Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Insolence of Office

You have to laugh at the emerging details (courtesy of the Sunday Tribune) about John O'Donoghue's travelling habits when he was a government minister. The brazen sense of entitlement to private jets, five star hotels and chauffeurs everywhere - it fair takes your breath away. The latest revelation had him paying €472 for a chauffeur to take between two terminals in Heathrow. And all for what? Some po-faced factotum in the relevant department maintains that he was representing the Irish people blah blah at an important race meeting/tourist board lunch blah blah and so would be promoting the blah blah. One would love to see the ROI on these escapades - or, horrible dictu, could they just be jollies?

And now just to confirm the impregnable chuzpah of the man, he has broken his coy Ceann Comhairle silence on all public matters to row in on the debate about drink driving limits. This from a man who habitually has a chauffeur sitting outside while he has his head in the trough.