Sunday, August 23, 2009

Schull beneath the Skin

It's always a pleasure the spend a few days in Schull. The Gubeen walk, the dogs' antics on Barleycove Beach, the bread in Brosnan's, the crab sandwiches in O'Sullivan's of Crookhaven, the pint and bohemian ambience in Hackett's (although there has been a toxic influx of yachties in recent times), Mount Gabriel looming above, the harbour spread below, the star-crossed Fastnet on the horizon. I paid a visit to the beautifully located cemetery at the end of Barry's Hill. There I came upon the recent grave of Jim O'Driscoll (a simple cross at present) - great spot overlooking the harbour.

Two down from him I noticed the recent grave of John Verling, another old acquaintance from the art scene, a man who relished his Rubenesque nudes. They'll have plenty to discuss.