Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sporting Thoughts

Tipp's win over Limerick in the All-Ireland Hurling Semi-final was more an exhibition match than the intense encounter they needed to prepare them for Kilkenny. Limerick just stopped playing after those early goals and the wide open spaces of Croke Park were ideal for those speedy forwards. Eoin Kelly is on the way back and in Noel McGrath up front and Padraic Maher at full-back they have two new stars. This team will win an All-Ireland and it may even come this year. To get to the final they beat Cork, Clare, Waterford and Limerick - not an easy route.

Don't you wish Padraig Harrington would shut up about the mechanics his game and his psychology and just play. All this golf in the head stuff is ruining him. He should read some of D. H. Lawrence's fulminations about sex in the head as distinct from the real instinctual thing.

Premier League football, who gives a shit. The teams with the most money buy all the best players and as soon as one of the lesser teams get a good player her is snapped up and the imbalance is perpetuated. Everton having lost Rooney to Manchester United a few years ago will now lose Lescott to Manchester City. I'm bored of it all.

Is Sea the Stars the best horse since Nijinsky? Let's see him win the Arc before we decide. Also, what's all this this preciousness about only racing him on good ground. Great horses can win on any going - Nijinsky did.