Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Aer Lingus Refund Strategy is a Shambles and a Disgrace

I’m sure I’m not alone in being ignored by Aer Lingus in my efforts to get refunded for flights it cancelled. You can waste hours trying to talk to a human so most people just give up. It’s an appalling way for a seemingly mature corporation to behave. Give us our shagging money back.

This document tracks the status of the refund and voucher that Aer Lingus has said it will provide for two cancelled flights.

Case 1: Voucher for Cancelled Flight EI0422

When my flight to Venice on 13th May was cancelled I decided to apply for a voucher (+10%) as encouraged by its web site. I filled out the requisite form and on the 10th April 2020 Aer Lingus sent me an email with the following content:

“Thank you for your voucher request. Your booking has been cancelled and you do not need to take any further action. 

Your Aer Lingus voucher - plus 10% - will be sent to you shortly.”

88 Days later still waiting.


Case 2:  Refund for Cancelled Flight EI3930 

On the 13th May 2020 Aer Lingus sent me an email telling me my planned flight to Cornwall on 30th May had been cancelled:

“Regrettably your flight departing from Dublin to Newquay has been cancelled. This is due to the current extraordinary circumstances.” 

The letter encouraged me to apply for a change of date or for a voucher. I had to click on a further information link to discover that I could also apply for a refund. I did so on the 13th May using the Refund Request Form on the Aer Lingus web site. This is quite a detailed form and requires time and trouble. After you submit it you get a “Request Submitted” message on the screen but no confirming email to make you feel warm and secure.

55 days later still waiting.